The primary objectives of the College shall be the promotion of study, research advancement and practice of zoological medicine in Europe and increasing the competency of those who practise in this field by:

i) Establishing guidelines for post-graduate education, training and experience as a prerequisite to become a Specialist in one of the specialties of zoological medicine.

ii) Examining and authenticating veterinarians as specialists in zoological medicine to serve the zoological patient, its owner and the public in general, by providing expert care.

iii) Encouraging research and other contributions to knowledge in all aspects of zoological medicine and promoting communication and dissemination of this knowledge.

iv) The development, supervision and assessment of continuing education programmes in zoological medicine.

v) Committing itself to the development of a culture, which recognises the importance of quality, and quality assurance, in its activities, and to this end, the College should develop and implement a strategy for the continuous enhancement of quality.

vi) Guaranteeing and maintaining the highest level of specialisation in zoological medicine according to European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level 8.