ECZM Conference and AGM

ECZM Conference and AGM
Paris, France
March 26th-March 29th 2020

Thursday March 26th 9am-5pm
          Strategic Planning with Peter Musschoot

Friday March 27th 8am-5pm –
8am – noon: Committee Meetings
1pm – 5pm:  Conference Presentations
1pm –  2pm: meeting efficiency
2pm – 3pm: ECG
3:00 – 3:30pm
3-4pm: Cardiac Pharmacology
4-5pm: Stats
Saturday March 28th 8 am-5 pm
8am-noon: Conference presentations
8am – 9am: Networking
9am – 10am: Women in Leadership
10am – 11am: Wound management
11am – 12am: Exotic Animal Nutrition
1pm –  5pm: Specialty Meetings
ECZM  dinner
Sunday March 29th 8am-noon